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10.05.2007 - Reporters Without Borders hopes the trial of Hrant Dink’s alleged murderers will shed light on all aspects of the case. "It is vital that the trial is conducted in a such a way that the court is able to hand down an impartial verdict," the organisation said.

Iraq Three journalists and driver killed in ambush near Kirkuk
10.05.2007 - Reporters Without Borders calls for a thorough investigation into the murders of three journalists and their driver yesterday near Kirkuk. “The list of dead just gets longer and longer without the Iraqi authorities taking any action to stop the slaughter,” the organisation said.

10.05 - Cuba
Independent journalist released after being held for nearly two years
10.05 - Vietnam
Three convicted and three pending trial in black week for cyber-dissidents
10.05 - Mexico
Leading journalist’s car sabotaged four days after gruesome ‘narco-message’
10.05 - Serbia
Eight ex-paramilitaries arrested for grenade attack on journalist’s home
10.05 - Brazil
Local investigative reporter gunned down in Sao Paulo state
10.05 - Somalia
Radio reporter killed in shootout at arms market in Puntland
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  10.05 - Malaysia : information minister wants to "professionalize" bloggers - Australia : launch of Australia’s Right to Know campaign hailed - Nigeria : police ransack Port Harcourt daily, arrest deputy editor

Press freedom barometer 2005
31 7 124 4 65
Journalists killed Media assistants killed Journalists imprisoned Media assistants imprisoned Cyberdissidents imprisoned
Charles Blé Goudé and the “Young Patriots”
Côte d’Ivoire
The BBC’s Palestinian Territories correspondent has been held hostage in the Gaza Strip since 12 March.

L'agenda de Reporters sans frontières
Inauguration of the Journalists Memorial

Reporters Without Borders inaugurated the Journalists Memorial in Bayeux (Normandy) on Wednesday 2 May.
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100 photos of the Cannes Film Festival for press freedom , to mark its 60th anniversary

Reporters Without Borders has published a new book of photos.
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What we do with our money
On 26 April, Reporters Without Borders provided financial aid to two Kurdish journalists who were seriously injured in a bombing in 2004.

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VII Seminar - London 2007
For the first time, the photographers of the VII agency will be together in London to show and discuss their work at a 2 day seminar on April 13th and 14th 2007 at the Royal Geographic Society.

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